Lab Members


Hyungjoon Koo

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Students

We are looking for highly motivated Ph.D students!

Master Students

Nozima Murodova

Master student
Email: nozima29 AT
Research interests: Reverse engineering, Binary level Software security with AI

Yujeong Kwon (권유정)

Master student
Email: shr2008 AT
Research interests: Reverse engineering

Jiyong Uhm (엄지용)

Master student
Email: jiyong423 AT
Research interests: System programming, Networking, and Security

Undergraduate Students

Hyoungjune Jeon (전형준)

Undergraduate student
email: wnssad0202 AT


Master students

Hohyeon Jang, Fall 2022

Wonyoung Cho, Fall 2021

Bachelor Students

Seok Kim, Fall 2022

Sechang Lim, Spring 2022


Suhwan Shin (from SSlab@SKKU), Fall 2021