Spring 2024
  • [ESW5042] Software Security Paper Writing and Presentation (소프트웨어 보안연구 논문작성)
  • [SFC5005] Smart Factory Application Programming (스마트팩토리 응용 프로그래밍)
Fall 2023
  • [SWE3058] Technical Writing and Presentation for Software Developers (소프트웨어 개발자를 위한 기술 작문 및 프리젠테이션)
  • [SWE3028] Capstone Design Project (캡스톤설계프로젝트)
    • (Team A) Empty Seats?
    • (Team B) ChatPub: Retrieval Augmented Generation-Based Web Application to Help Finding Policy for Korean Youth
    • (Team C) SwipeBite: User-friendly Restaurant Selection Application
    • (Team D) VoCard: An Effective Approach to English Vocabulary Acquisition
    • (Team E) MailAI: Revolutionizing Email Management with Artificial Intelligence
    • (Team F) School Pick: Streamlining Student Dining and Meal Plans
    • (Team G) College Quest: A College Simulation Game
    • (Team H) Stock Price Prediction System
    • (Team I) Emotional Diary
    • (Team J) Web Platform Providing Information and Simulation Game of Baseball Metrics
    • (Team K) SwithS (Study with SKKU): Study Integration Patform for SKKU Students
    • (Team L) Algoverse: A Learning Platform for Visualizing Algorithms
    • (Team M) YogaForm: Yoga Pose Correction AI Web Service Using Pose Estimation Model
Spring 2023
  • [SWE3025] Computer Security (정보보호개론)
  • [SWE3028] Capstone Design Project (캡스톤설계프로젝트)
    • (Team A) CockTell: Developing a Web Application For Cocktail Community Service
    • (Team B) TimeCodi: Time Coordination Service
    • (Team C) NotiSKKU: Notification App for Targeted Major and Topic Information
    • (Team D) AI-based Web Application for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • (Team E) Runtime Animation Generate Plug-in using Motion Diffusion Model
    • (Team F) Merge: A team building and cooperation platform for developers and designers
    • (Team G) Integrated Contents Recommendation Platform across Different Domains
    • (Team H) SKKUEXS: Providing Support for Exchange Students at SKKU
Fall 2022
  • [ESW4011] Software Security with AI (AI를 활용한 소프트웨어 보안)
  • [SWE3028] Capstone Design Project (캡스톤설계프로젝트)
    • (Team A) SKKUlar; Scholarship Finder (Mobile App)*
      [성균관대 소프트웨어학과 캡스톤 디자인 경진대회 최우수상 수상]
    • (Team B) Coloring Old Pictures with State-of-the-art Colorization Techniques (Web Application)*
      [동대회 장려상 수상]
    • (Team C) ZzangBaguni; Mobile Platform for the Optimal Purchase of Items from Nearby Markets
    • (Team D) Walking Mate and Tracking Diary (Mobile App)*
      [동대회 우수상 수상]
    • (Team E) YoungFarmer; Mobile Platform for Farm Products' Transactions
    • (Team F) Skkudo; College Club Management Web Platform*
      [동대회 우수상 수상]
    • (Team G) MyCampus; Customized Course Manager for iCampus@SKKU (Chrome Extension)*
      [동대회 장려상 수상]
    • (Team H) Kingo Manager; Private Assistant for the Requirements of Graduation (Mobile App)*
      [동대회 장려상 수상]
Spring 2022
Fall 2021
  • [GEDT018] Computer Programming for Engineers (공학컴퓨터프로그래밍; C++ Programming)
  • [SWE3028] Capstone Design Project (캡스톤설계프로젝트)
    • (Team A) GANdan-fontmaker: Web Service for Handwritten-Hangul Font Generation
    • (Team B) S-Gether: Web Application for Sharing Goal
    • (Team C) Explainable AI model for Stock Trading
    • (Team D) AI-Powered Anime Character Editing Web App
    • (Team E) Stock-loss Prevention: Mobile Application with CNN-LSTM Model for Predicting Sharp Rises and Falls in Stock Price
    • (Team F) Review Note Auto Generation Application*
      [성균관대 글로벌융합학부 인공지능융합의 날 공모전 수상]
    • (Team G) Deep Learning Based Fashion Recommendation Application
    • (Team H) CNN based Location Image Search and its Adaptation to Social Network*
      [성균관대 글로벌융합학부 인공지능융합의 날 공모전 수상]
Spring 2021
  • [ES4010] Advanced Topics in System Security (시스템보안특론)